Spring Semester

Notes about Spring 2010:
- All vegetables were grown from seed with the exception of three types of lettuce. Issues with the seedlings required that we purchase the lettuce heads.
- Though we planted two types of carrots by direct seeding them, we have very little success with the plants. We would even caution future gardens from attempting them unless the soil quality was superb.
- We planted our spinach in April and had reasonable success at first. Unfortunately, in the early summer months, the weather got hot very quickly and the ground dried out. The spinach immediately bolted (went to seed), meaning that our spinach harvest was quite limited.
- We had an excellent crop of radishes arrive in mid-May. The only problem was that we had direct seeded all of the radishes simultaneously and were inundated with the crop. We would suggest that future gardeners should stagger the radish planting to extend the harvest over a few weeks time.
- For the plants that we raised in the greenhouse, we did a good job of dividing the labor. Instead of expecting one individual to do all the planting and watering, we organized two workdays in the greenhouse — one for planting and one for re-potting. During the week, we came up with a watering rotation of people who took turns keeping the seedlings moist with a spray bottle.

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