The Haverford Garden originally began in Fall 2009 when three students at Haverford spearheaded the gardening efforts. Those individuals, named Fay Strongin '09, Peter Block '11, and Andrew Bostick '12, had all completed agricultural internships with the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship in Summer 2009. Based on those experiences and a desire to see more food-justice momentum on campus, the trio decided to create a campus garden.

Though the three students did not succeed in proposing a formal campus garden in Fall 2009, they took the first steps toward a garden by creating the Haverford Garden Initiative (HGI), a student group committed to building the campus garden. Under the leadership of Block and Bostick, the group designed and planted an extensive garden in Haverford's apartment complex (known colloquially as "HCA" or the "Haverford College Apartments) in Spring 2010.

In summer 2010, Bostick also received a second grant from the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship to write the formal proposal for the campus garden. Alongside a group of HGI-affiliated students living on campus, Bostick maintained the garden through the summer. At the same time, he met extensively with professors, students, and staff members as well as communicating with other campus garden programs.

Theoretically, the research that Bostick will complete in Summer 2010 will secure the funding for a permanent agricultural space at Haverford. With paid student workers and CPGC-sponsored summer interns, the garden will flourish and generate thought about food-justice issues.

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